SSRS Pro Viewer & Explorer Standard Subscription


The Forerunner Software SSRS Pro Viewer & Explorer control are an extension of the Microsoft Report Viewer Control . SSRS Pro Viewer removes the restriction of the Microsoft control and allows you to run any RDL report, not just RDLC.

  • Full support for parameters
    • Including layout
    • Cascading parameters
    • Query based valid values and default values
  • Sup-reports and drill down with no code
  • Gets all data with no code
    • SQL Server
    • ODBC
    • OLEDB
  • Multivalued parameters with ODBC and OLEDB in addition to SQL Server
  • Reusable definitions
    • Shared Data sources
    • Shared Data Sets
  • Store your RDLs anywhere
    • DB, File System, in memory
  • Designed for MVC apps
  • Mobile layout support


Purchasing the yearly subscription removes the data row limits and provides you with access to premium support.